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Fowad Choudhry, MSHA, MBA

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Fowad Choudhry is the CEO of Health Holdings, LLC, which operates Palm Medical Centers (PMC), a primary care medical group managing medical care for over 50,000 patients on Medicare Advantage (MA) and managed Medicaid products, in 37 medical centers throughout Florida and Texas.

Prior to joining MBF, Fowad served in executive roles as the CEO for North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP), a managed IPA in Fort Worth, Texas and as the CEO of Care N’ Care Insurance Company, Inc., an MA health plan also in Fort Worth, Texas, leading both to a successful sale in 2018.

Fowad also worked in various managed care roles with PacifiCare of Texas and spent 5 years active duty as a medical service officer in the United States Air Force. Fowad received a BBA degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and dual MBA and MSHA degrees from the University of Colorado in Denver, CO.