June 6, 2023

Palm Medical Centers Expands into Texas with Two Clinics in Fort Worth

Successful Florida-Based Provider of Value-Based Primary Care Services is Led by Veteran Fort Worth Healthcare Executive with Extensive Physician Ties

Fort Worth, TX — Palm Medical Centers (“PMC”), one of the largest and fastest-growing independent primary care medical groups in Florida, has announced that it is expanding its care model into Texas with the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire two longstanding Fort Worth-based primary care practices. PMC’s Texas business will operate under the name of Palm Primary Care Texas (“Palm Texas”).

“Palm Medical Centers has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, personalized primary care services with a focus on an elevated and streamlined patient experience,” says Fowad Choudhry, CEO of Palm Medical Centers. “I’m honored to be able to bring the Palm model to my hometown physicians of Fort Worth, where I’ve spent over 20 years of my career advocating for Medicare beneficiaries and partnering with local physicians.”

Fort Worth will be home to Palm Texas’ corporate office and will serve as the hub for future expansion throughout Texas. Palm Texas will share the proven care model developed in Florida, which focuses on high-touch relationships with exceptional doctors who spend extended and personalized time with their patients to facilitate the best clinical outcomes, satisfaction, and efficient care. This has resulted in market-leading net promoter scores and patient satisfaction ratings. The model also provides care coordinators for 24/7 patient support and assigns patient outreach representatives to each clinic to maintain a strong relationship with patients throughout their time with the practice.

The inaugural two clinics that will start the Palm Texas brand are Texas Family Medicine and Fort Worth Internal Medicine, together with a combined four primary care physicians and four advanced practice providers.

Founded by Dr. Brian Byrd, Texas Family Medicine has been a cornerstone healthcare clinic in Southwest Fort Worth since 2001. “The aging population in North Texas continues to increase at a blazingly rapid pace, and there is a need for additional high-quality physicians to provide our patients with a genuinely personalized patient experience,” says Byrd. “Fowad has been a friend to physicians in Fort Worth for over 20 years. I am pleased to work with him again to bring other independent doctors together to help improve patient experience throughout our community.”

Fort Worth Internal Medicine (“FWIM”) is led by Dr. Movarid Rezaie, a physician who has dedicated the past 15 years to caring for patients in Fort Worth Medical District. Dr. Rezaie’s passion for her patients is shown through her expertise with palliative medicine and has been evident through her work improving the quality of life of her patients and their families.

Palm operates 32 primary care centers in Florida and, through Palm Texas, plans to expand its presence throughout North Texas from the initial 2 primary care centers to reach between 8 to 10 total clinic acquisitions and openings scheduled through 2024.

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Founded in 2013, Palm Medical Centers is a provider of value-based, capitated primary care services with a focus on high-quality clinical outcomes, cost-effective care, and a patient-centric experience. Operating a network of 32 medical centers across eight counties in Florida, Palm Medical Centers serves over 50,000 combined Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid patients under value-based contracts. Partnering with numerous managed care organizations, Palm Medical Centers offers comprehensive and integrated medical care to plan members with a focus on quality. In addition to primary care services, the company coordinates cardiology, dentistry, optometry, pediatrics, podiatry, psychiatry, and other specialist services. Palm Medical Centers continues to seek partnership opportunities with high quality providers in existing and new markets. For more information, please visit www.PalmMedicalCenters.com.