Flexible capital, designed for real growth.

Differentiated strategy and a principled approach

We think like operators, not financial engineers. We offer understanding. We seek to make good healthcare companies great, and define success through a higher set of standards. We are a company partner, not just a capital partner.

How We Work

Great leadership is the strongest predictor of success.


Details matter. Company momentum reflects daily blocking and tackling.


Create win-win scenarios. Great things can be accomplished when a team is rowing in the same direction.


It’s in our DNA. Accessing growth in unsuspecting places creates high value returns for a company.


Built to grow. Building a sustainable company requires thoughtful investment in core capabilities.

An intimate approach to investing

Our operational expertise influences our investment approach, strategy, communication, and support.

We have skin in the game

We invest our own capital, which lends itself to better alignment with our companies, an intense focus on execution, and more creative and flexible investment structures.

We build companies, together

We embrace a shared vision and offer guidance and mentorship along the way.

Sector Focus
Outpatient behavioral health and mental health
Post-acute care services
Home-based provider services
Managed care services
Chronic care management
Outsourced services
We Invest in Healthcare Services…Only

Investment Criteria

Buyouts and Recapitalizations: Control equity investments in existing platform businesses where we can implement a buy-and-build strategy consisting of organic, de novo and acquisition growth.

Growth Equity & Earlier Stage Investments: Creative partnerships and high-growth capital to launch new companies with a proven management team prior to or commensurate with an acquisition

Investment Size

MBF typically invests $10 to $50 million of equity per investment. We can arrange larger investments through additional co-investments from our limited partners and other private investment firms which we have strong relationships with.

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